Sandblasting beams for customers in East Anglia

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Sandblasting explained

This is an effective and affordable method to clean and strip hard metal and brick surfaces. It involves blasting sand particles at high speed on to the surface to remove layers of dirt, paint or rust that have been covering the surface in question. Once the surface preparation is complete, you can move forward with the next step of your renovation project and give the surface a finish that it deserves. Contact us today if you have any queries.

Sandblasting beams for customers in East Anglia

Cleaning hard surfaces like metal or brickwork is no easy task. This should be done by specialists using equipment and methods that are suited for this kind of work. At Suffolk Sandblasting, we’re specialists in this field and can be trusted to restore timber, metal and brickwork to its original condition.

We handle:

  • Sandblasting timber beams
  • Sandblasting brickwork
  • Sandblasting metalwork
  • Blast cleaning old buildings
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